Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I knew it!

Baby boy (he's definitely a boy, we asked the tech to check!) was extremely uncooperative during the 3D ultrasound! I had a feeling it might go this way, LOL. First off, he's breech - apparently that makes it harder to get good pics. Then he had his legs up by his face, and at times his hands, arms or the cord were by his face too! We tried getting him to move into a more favorable position, but we weren't very successful - he must have been too comfy where he was!

Anyway, we had the option of getting a full refund or going back for another try for free - so we opted to try again next Wednesday. Maybe he'll be in a better position and more cooperative by then, hehe. We did get some pics to bring home, though - they were the best ones the tech was able to get, given all the issues.

This is my favorite pic from today. He has my hubby's lips and nose, and my chin! He kept yawning and he even stuck his tongue out a few times. He moved a lot, but not into a good position, LOL. My hubby doesn't like having his picture taken, and it seems that the little guy might be the same way! It was still a really fun experience and we knew it was a possibility that we wouldn't get great pics, so we're not too disappointed. We're glad to be able to go back next week, though. :)

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