Monday, February 18, 2013

Well, crap!

I've been meaning to post pics of the crib, but we had a bit of a disaster at home and I hadn't gotten around to blogging. Our dishwasher leaked under our kitchen sink cabinets, and had probably been leaking for quite some time before we realized. We never had a pool of water on the floor or anything, so we only found out about the leak when my hubby noticed the wood beneath the cabinets was wet and discolored. Shit!

We had a plumber come out, who was pretty useless. He removed the bottom panel from the dishwasher but kept saying he thought it was the garbage disposal leaking, even though my hubby could clearly see water coming from the bottom of the dishwasher. He tried to pull the dishwasher out without unscrewing it from the counter (duh) and then gave up. He called a restoration company for us - this is about the only useful thing he did - and then left. He didn't bother to switch the valve or anything so that the water supply to the dishwasher was cut off. My hubby did that later that night when we realized it was still leaking - he also pulled the dishwasher out completely. The restoration company sent a guy out who had to smash the bottom of the cabinets because they were a lost cause, and then he set up 5 machines in our kitchen. We have a huge dehumidifier, 3 blowers and another (noisy ass) blower which generates heat. Our house has been around 80ºF since that one went in. Ugh. We could run the A/C but I expect we're using so much power at the moment that we should probably try to avoid using it if possible. The machines are supposed to be on 24/7 and they could be here until Wednesday or Thursday. Ugh! We have been switching off the super noisy one at night - we'd never get any sleep otherwise - but aside from that, the other 4 have been running all day and all night since dinner time on Saturday. It really sucks! For the most part my hubby has been hanging out in his office with headphones on, and I've been in the bedroom with the pugs. It's not exactly ideal! Our house is very open plan, so we can't just shut a door in the kitchen and block out the sound. The kitchen is right next to both of the living rooms, so we're avoiding the main part of the house. Right now I'm in the guest bedroom - I needed a change of scenery!

Thank goodness the equipment should be out before my mom and stepdad arrive (Friday) - and thankfully long before my baby shower, since that's being held at our house. So it could be worse, definitely. I'm glad it's happening before our little guy arrives, too. It would definitely be worse if we had to do this after he's born!

So here are a couple of pics of the crib, anyway:

I know we shouldn't leave toys in the crib due to SIDS risks, but I just put them in for the time being. We ordered a dresser for the nursery yesterday - it's being delivered next Tuesday, 2/26. :)

Here's a pic from Thursday, at exactly 27 weeks:

I had an OB appointment this morning, and had my 1 hour glucose test. My normally very good vein in my left arm was uncooperative, so I ended up with both arms being used (a yellow bandage on one, and a green bandage on the other, haha). I also got my Rhogam shot (in the ass - yay, LOL). My BP was high of course - no surprise there, since we're not exactly having a great time at home right now! I told my OB that whenever I take my BP at home, it's always fine (which is true). She told me to take it twice a day at home and call her if it goes to 140/90 or higher so I can get pre-eclampsia labs done. I'm pretty sure I'm fine, but I will do that and keep a log of my readings.

Some good news from my appointment is that I haven't gained any weight in the last 4 weeks. I think it's because we've been walking the pugs a lot more and eating more salads. I definitely haven't been starving myself, but I have been trying to make better food choices. Nothing was mentioned about my lack of weight gain over the past 4 weeks, so I'm pretty sure it's OK. Baby is very active and his heart-rate was good again today (I don't know what the reading was, but it sounded about the same as it usually does). In 2 days we get to see him again at our 3D ultrasound! We're very excited about that! :)  I actually suggested to my hubby that maybe we should cancel it, seeing as the kitchen disaster is costing quite a lot to fix and we have landscapers here today to sort out our mess of a front yard. He refused to consider canceling, which I'm very glad about because I didn't want to cancel it in the first place. I just feel bad that we're trying to save money in other ways and spending $150 on the 3D scan... And the money we're having to spend getting the kitchen sorted out would have paid for the rest of the baby stuff we need, with money left over. Typical! We'll be OK, it's just one of those things.

Oh, when we were at my appointment this morning my hubby got 2 calls from his parents on his cell phone (he didn't answer because we were busy). Um, great. For those of you who don't know, we don't have a relationship with his mom and haven't for almost 18 months now (long story short, she's off her rocker and in a cult-like religion which she repeatedly tried to force us into - wouldn't take "no" for an answer and eventually we just decided enough is enough). His dad has been very flaky - we don't actually have a problem with him, he's not like his wife, but the last time we saw him was December 2011 and then we heard from him January 2012, then nothing until July 2012! He said in July that he'd be calling "in a few weeks" (which would've been around the middle of August), and since then there's been nothing. No voicemail was left when they called today, which is kind of odd - it makes me think it might be his mom rather than his dad. They have no idea we're having a baby and we like it that way, honestly. I dread to think how his mom would act if she knew - she'd probably be bashing our front door down and trying to steal our baby. Seriously, she's not right in the head. I'm pretty sure if his dad was the one calling, he would've left a voicemail. I don't know what my hubby's going to do, it's super awkward of course and he doesn't want to call and have to speak to that crazy woman. If his dad left a voicemail then he would have called back, but the whole thing just seems kind of shady really.

I'm sure this whole thing isn't really helping my BP today!

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