Friday, June 24, 2011

11-12 DPO

OK so today I think I'm 11 DPO (could be 12 though) and I feel the same as I have been feeling. I gave in to temptation this evening and took a HPT, because I realized I hadn't peed for about 5 hours. It was negative. I actually feel fine about it, because it could still be too early to get a positive result. That's what I'm holding onto, anyway!
So I'll re-test on Monday morning, unless I get my period before then. Hopefully I won't, and I'll get my BFP then!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed anyway! :-)

I just ordered some Wondfo HPTs from, they're way cheaper than any tests you can buy in stores and they're supposed to be good. Well, I ordered a pack of 50 (yes, 50!) for $9.45. It works out at like 19c per test, which is awesome! I also ordered a basal body temperature thermometer for under $9 (it has a backlight so that'll be useful seeing as you're meant to test before you get out of bed on a morning) and then I needed to spend a little extra to qualify for free shipping (if I didn't, then I'd end up spending the same difference just on shipping - may as well get something for that money, right?!). Well, I browsed baby stuff for ages and looked at all kinds of things, like onesies, booties, socks, hats, blankets, bibs... I eventually chose something, it's a really cute owl stroller toy! I figured it wouldn't matter if we had a girl or a boy with that - most of the clothes were gender-specific and a lot of the stuff was really nice but a lot more than I needed to spend to get the free shipping. The owl toy was a little more than I needed to spend, but only by a couple of bucks so nothing major! It should all arrive by the end of next week, I can't wait! Here's the owl toy:

Hubby and I went out shopping today, we went to TJ Maxx and the mall, mainly just to get out of the house. Outdoors activities are a no-go here for the next 3 months or so, it's been around 110ºF here recently with no sign of it cooling down! We do live in Phoenix, though - it's the desert, what do you expect, right?! So we needed to go somewhere with A/C!

Anyway, we had a look at some baby stuff and I was sooo wanting to buy a nice baby blanket, they had some amazing deals in TJ Maxx (beautiful soft baby blankets for around $7, rather than their SRP of $36!) but hubby wouldn't let me. Well, he couldn't really have stopped me obviously but I think he just wants me to stop getting carried away. I can't say I blame him, to be honest! I told him that as soon as I find out I'm pregnant, we're going back there! :-)

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